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The use of professional recruiting partners in today's tight labor markets is as essential as good accounting and legal partners. The use of outside recruiting resources should not be considered as a last and undesired option if key positions remain unfilled. Likewise, if a managed expansion plan is to be successful, a viable recruiting strategy, using recruiting specialists, is essential. We seek to partner with clients who can successfully represent to quality candidates the benefits of their opportunity and then live up to that expectation on a day-to-day basis. 

The cornerstone to effective recruiting is a well-designed long-term campaign strategy that is based on sound intelligence and uses fundamental marketing principals to identify, engage and continue to hold the interest of viable candidates all the way through successful hire – and beyond. We are in the business of identifying the vital elements to effective recruiting and making it practiced routine. Here are some of the elements necessary to a predictable and positive recruiting relationship:

Full disclosure – We need to understand not only the strengths, but also the client’s weaknesses, which will affect the quality of their opportunity presented to candidates. We want to find this out before we discover the problems candidates already know or have heard about “on the street”. Each industry exists within a microcosm, where a finite number of truly viable candidates are available for recruitment at any given time. The best ones gather their own intelligence to further their career aspirations. Our intelligence must be better than theirs or we will not be able to anticipate their objections nor change their perceptions to a positive one.

Access to the interviewing machinery – We have to see how everything works in the client’s interview process, from initial candidate introduction to final offer. This includes interviewing the interviewing team as well as seeing the physical environment/atmosphere the candidate will experience. All too often the ingredients for successful interviewing are presumed and even short cut due to time constraints and substitutions. Often companies forget they need to sell just as hard as they interrogate. Nothing is more frustrating than getting a viable candidate to the door and not impressing them. Excellent candidates are in short supply; therefore, the interviewing experience we want them to have must be choreographed and practiced. Competition is furious and we can’t afford to be less than excellent. 

Viable candidate identification – One of the biggest time wasters in the recruiting business. It is the responsibility of our Firm to source and sell a client’s employment opportunity to viable candidates. We want to take the guesswork out of that process and team up with the client to create a short list of named candidates. Successful recruiting is about getting to the right people quickly and partnering with the client to determine what needs to be accomplished to get them hired with efficiency and economy. The prevalent operating basis with external recruiting has been, “if they come up with somebody we are impressed enough with to hire, we will pay them”. In the interest of economy, that can be changed to: “we will work together to identify exactly whom we want to fill key positions and combine our resources to get them before the competition does!”

Collaborative feedback – Absolutely essential to tweaking candidate perceptions and interest through out the interviewing process. Without a recruiting partnership, this feedback is often perceived by a company to be suspect and divisive. When candidates debrief with us, they impart valuable insight into the impending success or failure of the interviewing process. We all want a predictable result, not a result that was predictable.

On going intelligence gathering – An enormous benefit of a partnered recruiting relationship. In the current “candidate brokering” environment, recruiters are perceived as having only one function. A broader use of a recruiting partner is to gain real access into the minds of viable candidates. We extend your vision beyond the limitations of your internal recruiting efforts. It takes time to accumulate vital data necessary to affect and periodically adjust successful recruiting campaigns. It takes time and persistence to sway important candidates’ favor in your direction.

Reliability on matters of confidentiality and client loyalty – Key breakpoints on the trust scale in client relations. We advocate closer association with clients because client loyalty is so essential in efficient recruiting. Our business model and therefore our pricing structure provide incentive both short and long term in fostering a partnering relationship for effective recruiting. With greater mutual trust, recruiting campaign strategies and plan implementation are accomplished more efficiently. When adjustments to the plan are required, a more collaborative effort can be employed to solve problems quickly.

Keeping fees in line with expectations of service – A fundamental factor in the success of recruiting partnerships. We utilize a balanced pricing model that pays for our process, rewards us for successful hires and encourages long-term client commitment. Our fees are based on time and resources employed to start, maintain and successfully complete recruiting milestones. We typically utilize engagement fees, milestone payments, placement bonuses and even stock options in our pricing.

As a professional recruiting firm, we set out to be different. Clients tell us that difference matters to them and is effective in meeting their recruiting expectations. What we do, works! That’s what is important to us.