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We offer a range of services for both employees and employers in the RFID adn RTLS fields, all with 100% confidentiality. 

By focusing specifically on RFID and RTLS, we are building a database of the top talent in the industry for you to tap in to. 

RFID and RTLS technology is now being implemented by major blue-chip corporations, and is here to stay. 

For Employers:

There is major demand for a range of positions, including just to name a few: 




Implementation Specialists

Our focused network of talent leverages our personal relationships in the industry.

Simply put, we can fill RFID and RTLS related positions for you discreetly. 

There are a finite number of great candidates for the top positions in RFID and RTLS. 

By using Connected Hire to contact the top people at the competition, your company can avoid burning bridges. 

For Candidates:

Confidential Placement to Selected Firms

Are you an experienced RFID or RTLS professional looking to make a move?

Since most everyone in RFID or RTLS knows each other, it might be a little difficult to shop around without it getting back to your current employer. 

By working with Connected Hire, we can test the waters for you. 

We will develop a discrete executive summary of your resume and quietly market your experience to a predetermined list of companies that appeal to you. 

From there, our fees are negotiated with the interested companies, proving their interest. 

After this is complete, we will submit you for the position only properly vetting the opportunities as match.

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